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  • Traktor DJ Vs Serato DJ - Djing software is still evolving rapidly, and emulating vinyl in no longer enough. Which software provides the best effects and looping to unlock your creativity and create the ultimate mix?
  • High fidelity Digital Audio Many professional DJs are using MP3 with bitrates upto 320kbps, but what are the alternatives? WAv, ALAC, M4A, FLAC - what are the benefits and drawbacks, and are which formats are supported by the majority of devices (Numark/Pioneer - why no ALAC support?!)
  • The race to offer the ultimate iPad Dj app is hotting up - Algoriddim's DJay continues to impress, but what does Traktor DJ have to offer?
  • Dawn of a new age? Roland release the DJ 808 with built in drum sequencer
  • Denon DJ prepare to release new kit ...