Welcome to the beginners guide to Djing - a complete introduction to DJing with independent advice to help you start a career as a DJ, and to encourage DJing as a hobby.

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We have some great DJing advice for beginners:

  • Starting out: which includes an introduction to DJing and outlines what you will need to be a DJ.
  • Mobile DJ: which covers special events, parties, and "traditional" pub DJing.
  • Club/Bar DJ: focussing on the differences compared to mobile DJs and additional requirements.
  • Music: Record pools, Promos, where to find the best tunes!
  • Equipment section: giving an overview of the equipment available and it's advantages and disadvantages.
  • How To Mix section: focuses on the mixing techniques you can use to "blend" two tunes together and also includes other useful tips to improve your DJing performance.
  • Links section: We plan compile the most comprehensive list of useful DJ websites, and will be adding new links on a regular basis.

We hope this DJing advice and information is useful. Please let us know if you can think of any additions, corrections or improvements we could make to this website by using the "contact us" link below

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